The Pathwork of Self-Transformation


ACTIVATE AND REGENERATE YOUR LIFE ENERGY: Recharge your energy field, activate your internal resources and learn to activate your chakras.

DEVELOP YOUR INTUITION: Free yourself from the obstacles of your mind, acquire mental clarity and solve your internal conflicts that cause you stress.

OPEN YOUR HEART: Turn your life around and unlock everything that does not allow you to advance in the path of the soul. Activate the frequency of Live, Feel and Share.

ACTIVATE YOUR MATERIAL AND SPIRITUAL PROSPERITY: Develop the power to focus your energy from creativity to achieve your goals.

To whom is the Celêstial System addressed?

To all those people who possess a strong inner desire for a change. To all the people who wish to obtain a state of greater plenitude and enjoyment of life. To those who have the intuition that   reality and life are not only what they have told us so far and wish to enter the path of self-knowledge. This Celêstial System is for all those who wish to experience the spirit as a liberating experience and not as a limiting theory. For those who seek to find a state of inner health that is not based only on not being sick but on experiencing a state of authentic vitality full of personal growth and evolution of consciousness.

Many times we ask ourselves: Is it possible to change myself and change my environment and my circumstances? And, if possible, how can we make these changes in our lives?

We want to change, we want things to be different in our lives, we want more satisfying relationships, we want a more meaningful job that brings us personal satisfaction, we also want to be more prosperous and have a full life.

On the other hand we want to improve as human beings, we want to break destructive habits and stop certain negative behaviors on a physical, mental or emotional level. We also want to be healthier and keep our bodies in shape and ultimately we want to be happier.

Deep inside, there is also the desire of finding inner peace and a spiritual life that brings us a deeper sense of who we are. This allows us to face the unexpected life.

The Celêstial System provides a simple, easy and natural method of gathering these inner needs and giving them a channel of easy, simple and natural realization.

Through the Celêstial System we can make changes in our lives knowing that the first thing we have to do is changing ourselves. The Celêstial System has transformation tools that help us understand that our internal reality creates our external reality.

If we want to transform our life we ​​have to change our vibrational frequency so that we attract and configure reality at a different level. Our frequency has to fit what we want to manifest to be possible in our field of consciousness and energy. In this way we should clean our subconscious programming so that it does not sabotage our conscious intentions. In fact, programming our subconscious mind shapes our reality. Only through changing our internal beliefs can we change our lives.



Celêstial is a process of constant and conscious creation that allows us to be awaken and capable of action in three spheres of consciousness.

  • Sphere of the mind: (Mental clarity, integration of the cerebral hemispheres for the development of intuition, elimination of internal conflicts and stress management, inner transformation at a subconscious level, programming with beliefs, activation of a new ideal, etc.)
  • Sphere of the heart (Emotional liberation tecniques, inner happiness Activation, resilience and cardiac coherence, emotional language integration, and opening of new patterns of Living, Feeling and Sharing)
  • Sphere of the body (Personal power Activation, Life Purpose Activation, Activation of success and happiness, healing, integration and regeneration, Self-acceptance, self-recognition and self-love)