Through the process of Soul Activation we enter into connection with the heart to guide us towards the higher consciousness that is in union with the soul.

The goal is that you have a personal experience of perfect alignment with your deepest feeling in union with the Universe, in a process of complete self-acceptance.

In the activation of the Soul the body activates the internal resources related to lightness, fluidity and joy as a form of integration of the received teachings and as a new model of spiritual growth based on joy.

The process of activation of the soul helps us direct our lives without previous mental scripts, allowing our life to be a life with a soul.

Activations: Three spiritual spheres are activated, the sphere of truth, purity and internal honesty.

Healing: During the process, traumas and pains of "lives" are overcome and the essential matters of this incarnation are clarified.

Happiness: The inner happiness that arises from the deep calm of the soul would be the true state of health that we desire. A state of union with everything and understanding of the processes of our life.

Channeling: As long as the person is ready during the Activation, energy channels, healing, messages and important information of the subtle planes are produced.

Lineage: If it is important and significant for the evolution of the person, the spiritual lineage to which it belongs is transmitted.

Purpose of life: During the sessions is the key to the purpose of life. We have a personal incarnation purpose that gives meaning to life; discover and appreciate it is one of the most important things that someone could do. This purpose arises from the soul and leads us, if we follow it, to the place called happiness. But, if we divert the direction and separate ourselves from the true purpose of this incarnation, we not only fall into depression or nonsense, but we waste a precious time of life that is a wonderful good for our spiritual evolution and for the spiritual evolution of the planet .

Light: Activating the soul is turning on the light of your interior so that it shines and expresses itself in this world. It's overcoming the fear of being who you really are and sharing your spiritual talent.

Live, feel and share: The Activation of the Soul transcends the scope of healing and goes much further. It's about evolving, transcending and integrating to give a leap of consciousness that allows us to live, feel and share on a much fuller and happier level.

Transpersonal Transformation: The Activation process is an intense experience of transpersonal transformation in which we have the opportunity to connect with the flow of intimate, clarifying and harmonious feeling that allows us to know what our life purpose is and who we really are.

Excellence: Making the transition to the activation of the soul means discovering and activating talents and gifts unknown until now and awakening the charisma of the inner angel through the connection with the teachers, the guides and the angels who accompany you.