(21 - 12 - 2018) 

This meditation corresponds to the frequency of activation of the Masters of the Planetary Soul

This international course will begin in the year 2019. This ordination as teachers of the Soul is for those persons who are determined to perform a constant service in favor of the change of consciousness and the process of planetary Ascension through the connection of their personal energy field with all the celestial forces.

This meditation belongs to the set of mastery practices of the Soul of the Celist System of the master Joaquín de la Calzada - Tatewari.

INVOCATION: Invocation of the divine energy, our Masters, Guides and Angels for the entrance in the rows of Ascension of the Masters of the Soul.

FLOWER OF LIFE: we visualize the Flower of Life in our base.

ASCENSION PIPE: We create three circles around us and then raise them to the sky visualizing a tube of white or blue light composed of three thinner tubes that rise towards the sky.

CELÊSTIAL AND SUSPIRE SMILE: We concentrate on the center of the heart, we smile and we sigh.

SOUL LIGHT PIPE: Place your consciousness in the center of the chest connecting with the center of the heart and activated (energy center related to the higher emotions) then create a tube of light that goes to the center of the brain and from there activates the energetic center of the crown connecting with infinity through a luminous tube that comes out of your crown.


INVOCATION: We invoke the Celestial energy, all the Masters, guides, saints, angels and all the beings of light for the entrance in the " CELESTIAL CIRCLE OF LIGHT, BLESSING AND PLANETARY ACTIVITY ".

WE ASK PERMISSION to be part of Celêstial's circle of light for the protection and blessing of the planet.

ENTRY IN THE CIRCLE OF LIGHT: When you notice that they call you, you go up through the tube on your crown and you rise until you reach the circle of golden light that surrounds the planet from which you can contemplate the earth as a wonderful blue planet in The cosmos. Allow your conscience to be guided to this place of blessing. 


ENTER THE CIRCLE Situate yourself in the ring around the planet where all the celestial masters are emanating their blessing for the activation of the planetary ascension plan. Place yourself in the most appropriate place for your vibration and frequency. There may be other spiritual presences of all cultures and traditions around you or around you. This ring of Blessing and protection is enabled so that the teachers of the Planetary Soul can channel their energies towards the planet facilitating and amplifying the planetary ascension plan.


PROJECTION OF LIGHT : Receive the energy from the Center of the Galaxy through the Celestial vortex of the crown ... then take it to the heart and project it through the hands (Keep your mind concentrated, with the codes of Celêstial Light of beauty, purity and greatness) Connect with your heart and with your crown and project golden light through the hands enveloping the earth. Bless each plant, each animal, each human being and each place of mother earth. It issues a prayer in favor of the change of consciousness of humanity and the process of planetary ascension.

VISUALIZE THE EARTH as if it were a blue, bright sphere in the cosmos. A blue planet with white clouds. You begin to send energy to the places where it is most profitable and best received, amplifying all the places of power and light of the planet.

PROJECT THE CELESTIAL ENERGY: "From the frequency of light that I am, I bless the planet sending Celstial energy for the plan of planetary activation, I bless and support from my heart the plan of ascension, for the illumination and the evolution of the human species".

ACTIVATION IN TWO PARTS: The first part of the work is illumination of the Christ grid. The second part of the work is Activation of the Celestial Quartz inside the core of the Earth.

You can see the Earth as a great planet in the distance or as a small planet here nearby. You can have different images and be in contact with different beings of light of different cultures, races and traditions.

1. CHRISTIAN GRID: Visualize the Christ grid of the planet as a grid of light around the planet that is ignited. It is an icosahedral network, based on triangles. All the points are illuminated as if they were molecules of Light activating until the whole network is on. 

2. ACTIVATION OF MULTIDIMENSIONAL FRACTAL QUARTZ OF MOTHER EARTH. We activate the inner crystal of the earth's core through the codes of light. This quartz generates the activation energy field of the Planetary Soul. Celestial works in a very special way in the core of the Earth to activate the electromagnetic field of the earth with the new codes of Light. .

You can place codes in the heart of the Earth, as if it were a multidimensional crystal (Samar, Agni, Lubbar, Yasmar, etc). All these codes activate the inner crystal of the Earth's nucleus but we use in particular the FRACTAL INFINITY AND SAMAR code .

SMILE CELSTIAL AND SUSPIRE: After we focus on the heart center again, we smile and we sigh. We maintain channeling and meditation until we feel that we are finished.

CLOSURE: Gratitude and offering of merits. When we feel that we have finished, we end up taking our hands to the heart, thanking the blessed divine energy for this wonderful gift and for the opportunity to serve the planet and humanity.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT: I accept and thank each and every one of the blessings, gifts and merits received through this positive action for planetary karma.

I honor, bless and revere Mother Earth, accepting all the blessings of the Universe, the cosmos and the Masters, requesting that everything we have done be for my good and for the good of all beings.



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