What is the Celêstial System?

It is a method of integral development to achieve and keep a perfect state of health: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The Celêstial System is composed of a set of the most powerful current techniques of spiritual growth, development of creative potential and methods of awakening to the new consciousness that come from diverse traditions and understandings of the human being.

Positive, creative and assertive ...

What does it contribute?

Celêstial provides a comprehensive training system that covers various aspects of the human being. These different spheres or aspects of the human are: mental (meditation, concentration, new paradigms ...), emotional (emotional freedom tecniques, heart opening, cardiac coherence ...) and physical (breathing exersises, stretching. ..)

On the other hand, we approach the natural spirituality, that is very important for the harmony and inner peace. The Celêstial System incorporates very advanced practices based on sacred geometry, inner sound and the power of pure intentionality that allows us to get in touch with the inner world of the human soul.

Through the Celêstial System we seek to reach vital health states of great positive energy, vitality, optimism and ability to overcome problems. These states are very important because they bring joy, fulfillment and confidence to life.

One can cultivate these sublime states of the soul, widely known as perennial philosophy, through spiritual work, meditation and prayer. So in the same way you we can take care of your body through exercise or your mind through study, you can restore the true understanding of reality through the awakening of sensibility.

What does it transmit?

Celêstial conveys a universal and non-religious path to enter the spiritual world activating the internal resources of the soul, the knowledge of the sublime states of consciousness and the path of happiness through millenary practices of Eastern traditions (India, Japan, Tibet , etc.) and other mind control tecniques, creative thinking and awareness awakening from the 21st century.

That is why we need to enter into the intimate knowledge of our life purpose ... the intention that the soul possesses when incarnating itself and that every human being possesses inside. Discovering and understanding that purpose gives full meaning to every event in life.

Through five different levels we receive valuable information of theoretical and practical nature that allows us to grow, evolve and transform our life in a simple, simple and natural way.

How is it different from other methods?

The Celêstial system is an integral system of transformation that unites different knowledge and technologies applied to health and conscious spiritual development from three spheres:

  • Mental - Through meditation, theoretical knowledge and the work of transforming the subconscious through the understanding of beliefs.
  • Emotional - Allowing the management of emotions through emotional release and openness of the heart.
  • Physical - Providing numerous dynamics and exercises to maintain a healthy body and to deplete the internal resources of self-healing, regenerating the energy and allowing the elevation of the kundalini.

Is the Celstial System a method of healing?

More than a system of healing or an alternative therapy, the Celêstial system is a method of transformation of the human being that many times allows healing but these healings are considered "collateral benefits ..."

The Celêstial System does not work with disease ... We leave that to the doctors, we work with the human being who in some cases is living through a disease process (or not ...) but it is important to know that it is not it is what defines it, but that process or a process of separation, loss, lack of love or revolution of the conscience is a part of his life.

We believe in the evolution and in the awakening of spiritual abilities that reside in the human being and that allow him to face life and also death come the moment ... That is why we say that the Celêstial system is a method of enlightenment and ascension being the illumination the inner awakening of the spiritual vision and the ascension when all life is transformed to vibrate in harmony with that spiritual vision or understanding.

CELÊSTIAL is an invitation to get in touch with the experience of conscious creation, the purpose of life and with the deep feeling of our Soul to develop a path with heart, sensitivity and conscience.

If we want to transform our life we ​​have to alter our vibrational frequency so that we attract and configure reality at a different level. Our frequency has to fit what we want to manifest to be possible in our field of consciousness and energy. For this we have to clean our subconscious programming so that it does not sabotage our conscious intent. In fact, it is the programming in our subconscious mind, that creates our reality and only through changing our internal beliefs we can change our lives.

In Celestial we find three main aspects: Consciousness, subconsciousness and supraconsciousness . The conscious part of the human being would be in the middle of the subconscious below (karmic contents) and the superconscious (the power of spiritual intuition) above.

Creativity is a way to improve, make more beautiful or understand things ... Creativity is an activity of channeling the creative power of our soul through intuition.

Celêstial is the way back to a place where you understand everything that happens and where you can finally discover who you are. This training system accompanies you through a dynamic and creative awakening process that seeks to update every qualities and talents we have as humans.

When we open the door of consciousness we begin to realize that there are true precious jewels within our own Being. Those jewels are the states of consciousness that allow us to taste success, happiness or love and on the other hand it brings us resilience, assertiveness and ability to overcome necessary to face the difficult moments of life.

With the CELÊSTIAL System, we activate internal talents and learn to value the inner treasure that has always been with us but, in many cases, we have not been able to find. We learn to give value to the treasures that we carry in the Soul, in the conscience, in our own nature.



The key for developing our inner creative potential is connecting
with our higher consciousness.

In Celêstial we learn to channel our own inner energy and all our wisdom to be able to project our complete presence and open the wings of the soul. Once we understand that we can fly, we must take our flight ... that's when we begin to create the human being we want to be ... by reprogramming our mind and changing our beliefs towards success and happiness.

Celêstial is a process of constant and conscious creation that allows the person to be awaken and capable of action in the field of three spheres of consciousness.

  1. Sphere of the mind: (Mental clarity, integration of the cerebral hemispheres for the development of intuition, elimination of internal conflicts and stress management, inner transformation at the subconscious level, programming of beliefs, activation of new paradigms, etc.)
  2. Sphere of the heart (Emotional liberation systems, Activation of internal happiness, resilience and cardiac coherence, Integration of emotional language, and opening of new patterns of Living, Feeling and Sharing)
  3. Sphere of the body (Activation of personal power, Activation of the purpose of life, Activation of success and happiness, healing, integration and regeneration Self-acceptance, self-recognition and self-love)