Joaquín de la Calzada Mazeres


  • President of the Spanish Federation Kundalini Yoga Teachers 
  • "World Yoga Council" Member
  • Meditation systems expert and consciousness awakening specialist.
  • Writer, graphic designer, painter and illustrator.
  • During my years as a student of Art, Restoration and Design, a deep desire to know the human being in its deepest dimension began to emerge in me, scrutinizing the human soul through the art and oriental traditions that brought me closer and closer to the scope of meditation and spirituality conceived as a process of awareness awakening.

    My interest in the human being, art and spirituality was growing through the years of study. Then I made the leap from theory to practice and began to take courses in various systems and spiritual, artistic and creative ways that explored the spiritual dimension of the human being and that allowed me to better understand the mind, soul, meditation and path of energy and consciousness.

    During one of the courses I did in the 90's in the field of corporal expression and art, something woke up in me with a tremendous and unstoppable force ... it was a natural state of connection with everything, a state of consciousness different from everything I had experienced until that moment and that woke up in me a completely different way of seeing things ... now I know it was a leap of consciousness, a spontaneous illumination that awoke the sacred power of my kundalini (although in that moment I could not fully understand what had happened to me).

    This was the beginning of my spiritual journey that would take me to visit and be part of places and communities related to Tibetan Buddhism, Zen, Taoism or Kundalini Yoga and even the encounter with shamans and representatives of Native American communities. which I received legacies and spiritual initiations. I also connected at that time with the modern systems of mind control, healing and awakening of quantum consciousness.

    Thus through art and beauty grew in me a powerful spiritual call that came from my Soul. I had the desire and the intuition to dedicate myself completely to this path of the Soul and the spiritual awakening and after more than twelve years as a professor in the field of art I decided to leave my position as a teacher to decide completely to my spiritual search.

    I have distilled the essence of knowledge of the different traditions with which I have been in contact and I have created the Celstial System after this long journey of more than 25 years of spiritual work within meditation, Kundalini Yoga and modern systems of awakening of consciousness.

    The word system comes from the Latin systēma, and this from the Greek σύστημα (systema) which means the union of different elements, techniques or methods in a harmonic way and with a common purpose. In the case of Celêstial system indicates a series of techniques and spiritual knowledge in perfect harmony that have the same function or purpose that is the integral awakening of the Human Being to all its spiritual potential.

    When we speak of Celêstial we speak of the union of Heaven and earth unifying the spiritual and the material to find spiritual harmony in our life. It is not therefore about the celestial as antagonistic of the mundane, but about a state of expanded consciousness that allows us to understand the infinite in everyday life and to appreciate the beauty of everything that surrounds us free from conflicts and the problems that grip us.

    Through years of research and intense practice I have developed the foundations of an easy, simple and natural system of spiritual growth and conscious development through simple steps, methodologies and meditation exercises.

    Through the different levels we reach, in a simple way, states of greater joy in daily life and a higher level of knowledge of our true being, creating from our interior a new way of living, feeling and sharing in deep connection with the Soul.